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Vendor Terms / Conditions

Vendor Terms / Conditions

We like to keep it simple at Big Boss Tactical as we know that all the legalities can sometimes be over complicated. So here are a few easy to understand terms in simple English.

1) Vendors must me at least 18 years of age to sell on Big Boss Tactical. Sellers who are less than 18 years of age will need some one who is 18 years of age or older to open the account and sell on their behalf.

2) Only Gel Blasters Toys (Air/Electric/Gas), Gel Blaster Accesories, and Gel Blaster Related items may be sold on Big Boss Tatical. This is strictly a toys and hobbies store. No Real weapons, firearms, parts, accessories, and ammunitions are permitted to be sold on Big Boss Tactical.

3) New or Used items may be sold on Big Boss Tactical. Condition of items sold should be appropriately listed.

4) Big Boss Tactical reserve the right to refuse and decline vendor registration for any reason.

5) Vendors are to conduct themselves in an ethical and friendly manner when dealing with customers and admins.

6) Vendors are responsible for handling and shipping goods to their customers

7) Vendors will be charged a 10% Fee on total sales excluding shipping.

8) Vendors are responsible for charging and paying of tax/gst if applicable.

9) Vendors are responsible for setting up the shipping charges if the Shipping is not set as free. The website uses weight based shipping rates using Australia Post Integrated Calculator so it is important to add a close or accurate weight of the product The system will automatically generate the postage cost based on the weight that is associated with the product.

10) In an event of a return, exchange, and or refund. Vendors will need to provide sufficient proof of return and/or other supporting documents. Charged fees will be refunded or adjusted accordingly.

11) Vendors can request a cash withdraw to their Paypal or Bank Account when they have the minimum withdraw amount of $100 in their funds account.

12) Vendors in violation of the above terms / conditions will be given a warning. A second violation will result in a temporary or permanent ban from using our services.

13) Only Australian Residents with an Australian Dispatch Address are permitted to register as a vendor at this stage.

14) Goods are not permitted to be posted outside of Australia at this stage.

15) By opening a store and/or selling on Big Boss Tactical you acknowledge and accept all the Terms and Conditions above.

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